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Restaurant Report: Local brewery among other cited restaurants

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The latest food inspection reports from the Vanderburgh Co. Health Department feature critical violations by several local restaurants, including one fairly new Evansville brewery and a local gas station that both received three critical citations each.

Restaurants with violations:

Casey's General Store, 2020 S Green River Road

1 critical violation – knives improperly stored

China Super Buffet, 127 N Burkhardt Road

1 non-critical violation – freezer floor soiled around edges

1 critical violation – no sanitizing containers for wipe cloth storage

CiCi's Pizza, 101 N Green River Road

2 non-critical violations – dish machine in poor repair, no chemical test kit

1 critical violation – dishes not being sanitized by dish machine

Domino's Pizza, 1940 N Green River Road

1 non-critical violation – wipe clothes not stored in sanitizer containers when not in use

1 critical violation – chemical spray bottles on prep surfaces

Eric's Corner Carry-Out, 4220 Broadway Ave.

1 non-critical violation – shaved ice prep area needs to have a food shield installed

Maxine's Cafe & Bakery, 1322 N Green River Road

3 non-critical violations – floors in kitchen soiled, walls over sink and prep area soiled, floor tile loose by dish machine

1 critical violation – soiled knife returned to clean knife holder

McCutchanville Community Church, 9505 Old Petersburg Road

1 non-critical violation – thermometer in reach-in not accurate

McDonald's, 999 E Mt. Pleasant Road

8 non-critical violations – reach-in has no working thermometer, wet wiping cloths improperly stored, condensation dripping from unit in walk-in, floor of freezer soiled, floor under ice machine and grill soiled along wall, floor along wall in dry storage soiled, plastic pallets in freezer soiled, floor tile in dry storage missing

Nagasaki Inn, 5720 E Virginia St.

2 critical violations – soiled knives returned to clean magnetic holder, food items in reach-in and walk-in not date marked

1 critical violation – reach-in not at required 41 degrees Fahrenheit

Steak ‘N Shake, 4850 W Lloyd Expressway

1 non-critical violation – sink at dish area has leak

Tin Man Brewing Co., 1430 W Franklin St.

1 non-critical violation – not utilizing sanitizer test kit to monitor concentration of dish machine and 3 bay sinks sanitizing operation

3 critical violations – serving kitchen downstairs refrigeration unit measured 48-60 degrees Fahrenheit and not maintained at required 41 degrees Fahrenheit, downstairs reach-in cooler and product measured at 49-55 degrees Fahrenheit and not maintained at required 41 degrees Fahrenheit, kitchen and dish machines lack measurable sanitizer (sodium hypochloride) during operation

Xpress Pantry (Shell), 221 N Fulton Ave.

4 non-critical violations – cases of boxed chicken on walk-in floor, improper thawing of french fries and meatballs, not utilizing food product thermometer to monitor food temperatures, storing trash on ground at back door and waste receptacle is full; flies from trash accessing back door when open

3 critical violations – numerous flies in kitchen area/store, bottom level of chicken warmer display product only measured 95-125 degrees Fahrenheit, no documented food safety certified employee

Restaurants with no violations:

ALDI , 6434 Oak Grove Road

Carver Senior Center, 504 SE Eight St.

The Ford Center, 1 SE 7th St.

Gerst Bavarian Haus, 2100 W Franklin St.

Honey Baked Ham Express, 101 NW 1st St.

Jimmy's Una Pizza, 4711 Pollack Ave.

Las Americas Store

McDonald's, 909 N St. Joseph Ave.

Orange Leaf, 701 N Burkhardt Road

OV Watersports, 325 LST Dr./1801 Waterworks Road

Papa John's, 5436 E Indiana St.

Papa Murphy's, 779 S Green River Road

Rally's, 611 N St. Joseph Ave.

The Rathbone, 1320 SE Second St.

Subway, 4313 E Morgan Ave.

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