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More Vanderbugh Co. storm sirens coming to an area near you

More people in Evansville and Vanderburgh County will hear storm sirens sound when there's an emergency. 

This is a system that continues to grow. There are now 40 storm sirens in the city and county, like the one on South Green River Road.  

14 News learned on Wednesday that even more could be on the way to parts of the county that aren't covered.

It's the sound before the storm and it's a sound that could be coming to an area near you.

"We've added on as years go on and as urban sprawl happens," EMA Director Sherman Greer said.

Greer says Vanderburgh County is better covered by sirens this storm season than ever before. 40 of them in all, scattered all throughout the city and county, and that number could soon climb as the population climbs in certain parts of the county.

"The Northeast area. It seems like things are moving out that way more and more. And, up closer to 64," Greer said.

His office, he says, works hand in hand with area planning. Planning in advance exactly where to install a siren.

"We just can't place them to where it's going to be a blanket coverage for everybody," Greer said.

So instead, he says, he keeps an eye on areas that continue to develop.

"They build one house there, we're not going to put it up immediately there. We have to wait for about 20 homes to 25 homes," Greer told 14 News.

At the same time, Greer says, his office is looking into some new technology that would change the way the storm sirens are tested. They would still sound every Friday at noon, but instead of relying on people to report the siren not working, his office would get an instant report.

"We can set the sirens off and it will tell us ourselves whether or not the siren worked, and also if there is a problem it will tell us what that problem is," Greer said.

Greer says that is something his office will look into next year. He also recommends that if you live in an area where you can't hear a siren, it's best to have a weather radio on hand.

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