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McLean Co. fire department receives much needed funding


A Western Kentucky fire department is getting some extra funding that could potentially save lives in an emergency.

Donald Tanner has been a firefighter for 45 years. He says he once responded to an emergency and didn't have the equipment he needed because there wasn't enough funding.

"We lost a man one time in a fire," said Captain Donald Tanner with the Sacramento Fire Department. "With a camera we could have probably found him and got him out."

Tanner and the McLean County Southern District Fire Department will get some of that important equipment thanks to a more than $13,000 federal grant.

"We are funded off of donations so any time we get a grant that size that's some equipment we could not have otherwise afforded," said Jimmy VanCleave, Fire Chief of the McLean County Southern District Fire Department.

The firefighters are going to use the funding to purchase eight pagers that will notify firefighters of an emergency and a thermal imaging camera that will help firefighters find someone hidden by smoke and darkness.

"We have seen those cameras and used them in other districts in our county where the camera literally led us to where the fire was hidden in the wall so we knew where to start digging," said VanCleave.

The McLean County Southern District Fire Department says they receive small amounts of federal funding and need the help of private donations.

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