Taking A Stand: Running of the Bulls

Mary C. wrote the following comment on Wednesday and I agree with her stand.

"Just once I would like to see a news agency have the guts to call out that the "Running of the Bulls" in Spain is the kick-off to a heinous act of animal cruelty.

I'm not one of those insane animal-rights activists, however, I am concerned about animal cruelty.

On Tuesday, you broadcasted a story about a dog who got his tongue cut out by someone despicable. Dan Katz actually paused in the middle of the story; I was glad to see it got to him. It makes him human.

This morning Beth Sweeney did a cut-in to the running of the bulls. News agencies broadcast it like it's some sort of great news story. Does anyone realize what a painful death those bulls have in the name of 'sport'? Does anyone care? Do you?

I will rejoice in the day that someone has the guts to tell the whole story. Gandhi said the moral compass of a people can be measured in how they treat their animals. I guess the Spanish people would rather celebrate their 'cultural history'  than do what's right.

I'm ashamed of us for celebrating with them. Thank you for giving me this platform to express my view."

I totally agree with Mary C. That's her stand and mine. What's yours?