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O'boro small business owners learn ways to succeed


If you live in or drive through Owensboro, you've probably visited at least one of the many small businesses throughout the city, but running one isn't always easy.

They're already a big part of Owensboro's economy, and now, small business owners say they'd like to improve some crucial skills.

"We've heard over and over and over, the most common problem that small businesses face is finding good people to hire," said Tammy Maglinger, Custom Audio-Video.

Tammy Maglinger and her husband, Larry, have owned Custom Audio-Video for over 35 years.

That means she's had to wear many different hats during that time, and it's tough sometimes.

"It can be a challenge to learn the different laws in employment, and it's critical to operating a successful business," said Tammy. 

As the head of the Chamber's Small Business Committee, she asked other small business owners some questions.

She points out that their concerns were her concerns.

"We did a survey and asked them 'What are your needs? What can we as this small business committee do for you?' And their biggest need and challenge was human resources," said Tammy.

To help solve that problem, a new series is launching that focuses on those issues, but unlike other programs, this one was created by chamber members.

"Our small business committee came to us and said 'We need help," said Amy Jackson, Owensboro Chamber of Congress. "We can't leave our offices for three and four days of training and travel elsewhere. Help us meet our needs.'"

Officials say that speaks volumes.

"It says a lot," said Jackson. "For them to give up their time to come and participate in our volunteer committees, be a part of making change happen to improve things for themselves."

"Hiring and retaining good employees is critical to our business," said Tammy Maglinger.

Click here to learn more about the series and sign up for a future date. 

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