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Many residents in Warrick Co. community say they're victims of theft

More than 20 residents at Warrick County's Hamilton Pointe Retirement Community say they're victims of theft and investigators say they have a suspect. 

14 News spoke with several residents at Hamilton Pointe and they say items including gold jewelry, sterling silver flatware, and china place settings all began disappearing a few weeks ago. 

Residents received a letter alerting them of the thefts, inviting them to a meeting to learn about the incidents and to file a report with the sheriff's office if they think something had been stolen.

One resident, Joan Murray, tells 14 News that she didn't know she was a victim until she received the letter. She checked her jewelry box and realized a very valuable gold necklace and a ring were missing.

Joan says the staff at the community told residents the maintenance man had been stealing items, someone she never suspected.

"I trusted him in the house. I let him in and say I need this and this done and then I walked out the door. It's like someone's invaded your privacy. Somebody was going through my drawers and my dresser and it's sort of a strange feeling," Joan said.

Hamilton Pointe declined to comment, but the letter the residents received stated that all of the locks were changed.

If you or a family member suspect you were a victim of theft, call the Warrick County Sheriff's Office.

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