Short & sweet

It's always a good sign when I've wrapped up all my shooting, writing and editing before the 6pm show even begins!  Means I have time to blog!  I've been pretty negligent lately.  It's tough with this summer weather.  I just want to get out of here and enjoy.  Not to mention I'm house hunting, which is like a part-time job!

I've had a couple of nice examples of the good local news can do here lately.  Last week, we were able to share a story about free swimming lessons being offered to kids in Evansville whose families otherwise couldn't afford them.  And yesterday, after reading our story online, someone came forward to offer 500—YES 500!!!-- dollars to a reward fund relating to a dog in Henderson being mutilated.  It's a terrible story, but nice to see the community stepping in to try to help!

Short and sweet today.  Time to go break a sweat at hot yoga.  Not sure I need to be in a heated room to make that happen.  Just need to bend and stretch outside for a few minutes!  Ha!

Until next time,