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Warrick Co. Sgt. honored for helping save a young boy's life

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Sgt. Todd Neff, left, and Sheriff Brett Kruse, right. Sgt. Todd Neff, left, and Sheriff Brett Kruse, right.

A Warrick County Sergeant has received a special award Tuesday after officials said his quick thinking saved a young boy's life.

It all started one evening last week when a mom and her two-year-old son were waiting in the lobby at the sheriff's office. The mother looked away for a brief second, turned back, and saw her son choking. 

The surveillance video from the sheriff's office shows the young boy running around in the lobby, when he stops and starts to choke. The mother grabbed her son and appeared to attempt to perform the Heimlich maneuver. She stopped to check to see if he was breathing and realized the candy was still lodged in his throat.

The mother continued to hold the boy while he couldn't breathe, and you could see two bystanders who start knocking on the door for help.

It was after hours and the witnesses knocked again. It only took Sgt. Todd Neff a few seconds to come out. He immediately knelt down, wrapped his arms around the child and began the Heimlich maneuver.

It's something all law enforcement is trained to do, and within about ten seconds, the child appeared to be fine. The mother knelt down talking to her son and Sgt. Neff stayed with the family to make sure he didn't need further medical treatment.

Sheriff Brett Kruse said it's just another day on the job. 

"These guys go out there and do stuff like this everyday. They put their life on the line, they do a lot of things that the public is not aware of. Not everyday are one of the deputies saving somebody's life like that, but it happens. It happens more often than the public is aware of and when it happens we like to recognize it," Sheriff Kruse said.

Sgt. Neff is a 19-year veteran with the Warrick County Sheriff's Office. Officials said that they're very proud of his heroic work.

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