Evansville Children's Museum to host program for those with special needs

Original logos provided by cMoe and Bridges of Indiana, Inc.
Original logos provided by cMoe and Bridges of Indiana, Inc.

The Children's Museum of Evansville will host a special event sponsored by Bridges of Indiana on August 6, from 9 to 11 a.m.

The program, called "Exceptional Explorations," will provide a unique opportunity for individuals with disabilities to experience the cMoe facility free of charge.

During the event, participants will celebrate going back to school and enjoy special goodie bags to get them excited about the new school year.

The program is also designed to give Special Needs classes the opportunity to utilize it for a fun and exciting field trip at no cost to the students or school.

Exceptional Explorations is the fourth of six events that have been scheduled to take place throughout the year.

Those wishing to participate will either need to register at the kiosk located in the lobby of the Children's Museum or online at www.bridgesofindiana.com.

For more information about field trip opportunities, school administrators and teachers can contact Tiffany Smith at 812-249-5039.

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