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O'boro fireworks show set for this weekend


Owensboro's Fourth of July fireworks show is set for this weekend. 

Officials say they'll take place on Saturday, November 9th in conjunction with the city's Veterans Day celebration.

According to Mayor Ron Payne, Owensboro's going to go all out for the holiday.

In addition to the parade, the city's also planning a special tribute to Korean War veterans to mark the 60th anniversary.

It's called the Forgotten War, but Mayor Payne says that won't be the case in Owensboro.

"We're going to make an effort to really recognize those veterans from that war, and our staff is going be working trying to get some significant military units in here, so the celebration will probably be bigger than it would have been for the Fourth of July," said Mayor Payne.

The fireworks were originally canceled due to the threat of rain.

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