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Despite two air show acts canceling, ShrinersFest still a success

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The ShrinersFest soared to an end on Sunday night.

The festival and the air show had to deal with several ups and downs this year after both the Blue Angels and the P-47 Thunderbolts had to cancel.

Military budget cuts and the rainy weather put a little bit of a damper on this year's ShrinersFest, but it was still a good one. There were some things that the regulars really missed.

"The Blue Angels and the Thunderbolts were my favorite," says Rita Wallace.

Both the Blue Angels and P-47 Thunderbolts are two acts that the local residents just could not forget.

"If it was not for the Blue Angels, I would not be here," says George Wallace.

George was there and it was, in part, due to the adjustments that ShrinersFest Organizers made throughout the planning process.

"We knew several months ago, actually a couple of months ago, when the sequestration was finally decided that the Blue Angels were not coming, so we had plenty of time to adjust to that," says Dale Thomas.

Late Saturday afternoon, Thomas had to make another adjustment to the schedule when he got some bad news.

"The P-47's fly off of visual," says Thomas. "They don't fly off of instruments and they couldn't get here. That's just all there is to it. The weather was too bad to get them in here."

Simply put, Thomas was not worried.

"I felt that our bench was deep enough with the other teams we had," says Thomas. "Team Aerodynamix certainly put on a great show. The night time air show that they did on Friday night was such a huge success."

Despite the chaos of a rapidly changing schedule, Thomas enjoyed ShrinersFest.

"All in all, it was a great weekend," says Thomas. "For a Shriner, what we like to do is make people have fun and that's what makes it successful."

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