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Despite air show problems, ShrinersFest doesn't disappoint

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The historic P-47's were scheduled to be in the air on Saturday at ShrinersFest's Air Show, but the events organizer say they had to cancel the performance due to bad weather.

The organizer says the planes are near Gatlinburg, TN and couldn't make it to Evansville.

The Shriner's are hopeful thought that something will work out before the festival is over.

"Our goal is to continue to work with them and see if the front moves or if they can figure out a way to get around it because those P-47s," says Dale Thomas. "We've talked about them for six months.  What a great piece of our heritage here in Evansville and we're extremely disappointed, but our hope is they'll be here tomorrow."

Bad weather around Tennessee may have kept the P-47's away, but in Evansville many people decided to head down to the Riverfront to enjoy the beautiful weather and the other acts at the Air Show.

Some grabbed seats in Dress Plaza, while others stood along Riverside Drive to watch the show overhead and even hear from pilots on the loud speakers.

Food and vendor booths, along with the Kids Zone, and rides were in full swing Saturday night.

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