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Police respond quickly to incidents at Evansville fireworks show

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There were some security concerns as thousands gathered for Thursday night's fireworks show in Downtown Evansville.

Witnesses tell 14 News they dodged fireworks thrown into the crowd.

"We went down there with our son to enjoy his first fireworks and about two-thirds into it is when the mayhem started," says Brian Garrett.

As fireworks lit the night sky, Brian says there was trouble down at Dress Plaza.

"It appeared that it was a younger group of kids that were throwing fireworks directly into the crowd," says Brian. "This was directly at people into the heavy crowded areas."

Brian, who was there with his four-year-old son, says he called as people ran from the sudden explosions.

"It really created a panic within the seating section that was around us," says Brian. "People started running, grabbing their kids. Our son almost got ran over by fleeing people."

Dale Thomas, with the ShrinersFest, says there were fights and the fireworks incidents, but he says police were quick to respond.

"Things are going to happen. Kids are going to be kids. They like fireworks They're legal in Indiana," says Dale. "Our hope is that they wouldn't shoot them off at a public event but it's going to happen."

Our attempts to reach the Evansville Police Department after the incidents were unsuccessful, but Thomas says there were plenty of police on duty and he's confident security is in good hands.

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