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Owensboro unsure when to replan fireworks show


Owensboro officials say they plan to reschedule Thursday night's canceled fireworks and other events, but they aren't sure yet when they'll take place.

The city says there are several reasons why it canceled the 4th of July activities in the morning.

Before making the call, officials looked at several different forecasts, all of which they say showed bad weather throughout most of the day.

After talking with the fireworks company on Wednesday, officials say they found out that other cities throughout Kentucky were holding on their plans for weather reasons. They explain that the decision was made with financial responsibility and public safety in mind.

If it's raining or storming, some groups and individuals aren't able to perform.

As officials point out, there are other considerations.

"We've got some financial commitments to them, and so if we can make that call a little bit earlier in the day, it's a financial savings for all of our city taxpayers, and we can take that revenue and put it towards other events down the road, and do that same type of event sometime at a future date," says Tim Ross.

Officials say they hope to know when everything will be rescheduled by early next week.

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