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Missing pets number spikes after fourth

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The loud noises caused by fireworks can spook pets and the first business day after the 4th of July is the busiest day of the year for lost pet calls at the Vanderburgh Humane Society.

The VHS was open for less than five minutes before it got it's first lost pet call of the day on Friday.

One employee tells 14 News that on a typical year they get a minimum of about 30 calls for lost pets the day after the 4th. They tell us dogs bolt out of yards, jump fences and out of cars getting spooked by the sounds. 

Employees at the VHS want to remind people not to take your dog to fireworks shows.

"Just leave them at home if you can do that," says Amanda Bienhaus. "In a crate, in a room where they are familiar. Keep the TV on to distract them. Even if they normally stay outside in a fenced in yard they can jump the fence they can break their chain or get entangled in their chain. So try keep them inside."

The Evansville show may be over with, but there will be other shows this weekend throughout the community.

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