4th Fallout

© Photo: youtube.com
© Photo: youtube.com

Friday, July 5, 2013

Celebrations Turn Tragic

On a day when we celebrate our country's independence, some are mourning the loss of loved ones due to July 4th accidents.  A mishap during a parade in Maine claims one man's life, while an Oklahoma boy dies while riding in a parade there.  And in California and South Carolina, fireworks incidents injured dozens of people.  We'll have the details on Sunrise.

Rockets Red Glare

Tri-state fireworks displays went off without a hitch last night, as thousands gathered to celebrate the nation's 237th birthday.  We'll have a look back at the festivities.

Brighter Day Ahead

Byron says it will be a little brighter and a bit warmer today, but there is still a chance for showers as we look to break out of this weather pattern.  More chances for rain over the weekend, but temps will start to rise as we move into next week.

4k for Cancer

A group of college students is running across the United States, from California to Maryland to raise money for cancer, and today, they're making a stop in Evansville. Nicole is live with the details.

Live on the Banks

Are you ready for your close up?  Local performers have a chance to show off their talents live on stage in Smothers Park. Alyssa is live from Owensboro with how you can strut your stuff on stage.

So enjoy your long holiday weekend, and we'll see you on Sunrise.


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