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Local kettle corn business opening store

A local woman has found a business that really pops.

The owner of Pappy and Grammy's Kettle Corn has had so much success at local farmers markets, she says she's about to open her own store. 

Donna Fickey and her husband have been hand popping kettle corn for several years now, and in a couple of months, you'll be able to satisfy your Pappy's and Grammy's Kettle Corn needs in a new stationary location at 700 Division Street, just off the Lloyd Expressway.

14 News first met Donna at St. Mary's Market Day's where she had her yellow and green kettle corn tent set up, but if you've gone to any farmers market in Evansville, chances are you've seen her. 

She goes to about 5 a week after taking over the business from her in-laws four years ago. When she started she had just a table and one flavor but that quickly grew into almost a dozen flavors, and a big following. 

"I like when I pull in I hear people say, 'The kettle corn lady is here,'" says Donna. "We're going to have a lobby and a production room so you'll be able to come in and buy right in the store. You'll be able to smell all the goodness right when you walk in." 

The kettle corn lady tells us she hopes to have the store open by the end of the summer at the latest.

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