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2-year-old saved in selfless act of brotherly love

Jayden's big brother saved him from drowning. Jayden's big brother saved him from drowning.

A Marshall County two-year-old is home from the hospital after nearly drowning in his backyard pool Tuesday. His big brother and a neighbor who happens to be a nurse are the heroes who saved his life.

Two-year-old Jayden was smiling and eating ice cream when we walked into his hospital room Wednesday afternoon.

It's a good sign for the boy who nearly drowned Tuesday. He was playing in the pool with his eight-year-old brother, while their parents worked in the yard.

"I was right there locking up my truck and that's when we heard the scream, Jayden is drowning," said Jayden's dad, James Myslinski.

He rushed to the pool to find Jayden, lifeless in his brother Michael's arms.

"He was blue, ice cold, and not moving whatsoever. It was the scariest thing I could ever imagine in my life," said Myslinski.

Now panicking, he began trying to revive the boy.

"I never had a CPR class, so the first thing I thought of was getting oxygen to his brain," said Myslinski.

Fortunately, his quick-thinking eight-year-old had already called for help.

Seconds later, a neighbor who is also a nurse, was by Jayden's side. She began doing CPR and eventually got him breathing again.

"When I couldn't get that first breath in I was scared that he may not make it," said Jennifer Morris.

Jayden was rushed to the hospital where he spent the last 24 hours. Doctors said he has made a full recovery thanks to his older brother, now the hero.

"I thought to pull him up and then yell for help, because I don't want anything to happen to my little brother," said Michael Myslinski.

As they leave the hospital, feeling more than blessed, Jayden's family has this message for other parents: "It could happen in a split second. You may be right there, but if you turn your back for one second, they could slip right into that pool."

It was a heartwarming homecoming as they pulled into the driveway.

As for the pool, it's long gone. Jayden's dad has already taken it back to the store. He is trading it in for a play set instead.

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