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ISP working to handle overwhelming demand for handgun licenses

Indiana State Police officials say they're having a difficult time keeping up with the demand for handgun licenses. 

State police say on average they receive around 5,200 applications a month, but in January, they received more than 23,000 application requests.

Officials say the level of demand has led to a substantial backlog, extending the processing time to more than 110 days.

Extra help has been hired to process the 45,000 pending applications and the department should be back on track in three months.

To decrease processing time of applications the state police encourage all applicants to submit their application and fingerprints electronically. While all applications are required to be electronically submitted there is an option to submit fingerprints that are either hand rolled or scanned onto paper print cards, or prints that are electronically recorded and immediately emailed to the Indiana State Police for verification and processing. Applications submitted with hand rolled or scanned finger prints take about two weeks longer to process than the electronically transferred fingerprints. 

Factors that add to increased processing time:
• Applications that are incomplete
• Submission of hand rolled or scanned fingerprints instead of electronic fingerprints
• Incomplete Criminal History information that has to be confirmed
• Common names with Criminal History information that must to be verified

Applications for License to Carry a Handgun received, by month, from December 2012 to June of 2013:
• Dec 2012: 13,954
• Jan 2013: 23,079
• Feb 2013: 15,945
• Mar 2013: 12,204
• Apr 2013: 11,397
• May 2013: 8,848
• Jun 2013: *6,513
• Seven Month Total: 91,940 

For more information on the license to carry a handgun application process, inclusive of how to file electronic fingerprints, please visit this site:

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