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Boonville mother says sex offender requested her daughter's underwear

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A Warrick County mother is shocked to learn someone was sending explicit photos to her daughter on Facebook. She told 14 News she wants to keep this from happening to other families.

When the mother learned her daughter was receiving sexually explicit photos, she started looking for information concerning the man she said is behind the messages.

She told 14 News that he's a registered sex offender in Warrick County. She told 14 News her daughter's friends were also sent messages and she wants parents to know this man may have contacted their son or daughter.

"He asked her how old she was, and she didn't answer him. She said, 'Well how old are you?' And he said, 'I'm 21,' and she said, 'Well I'm 15,'" the victim's mother said.

The victim's mother said she overheard her daughter talking in the car with her friend about photos she received on Facebook. What started out as an innocent conversation, she says quickly turned graphic.  

"He asked her then what size clothing she wore, specifically what size underwear she wore and pants. She told him and he said, 'Well I can't fit those,'" she said.

The victim's mother said the man's interest in women's underwear became a focal point of the conversation.  

"He kept going on about things he does with women's underwear and she replied again leave me alone and it got pretty graphic from there. He sent the picture and that's when we blocked him," she said.

That picture, she said, was the man wearing women's underwear. But it didn't stop there.
"He requested that she mail him or bring him some of her underwear and he was going to ejaculate into the underwear and force her to wear them is what he said," she said.

Indiana law states sex offenders are allowed to be on social media, but local law enforcement say they're watching.
"Those things they do have to report to local law enforcement, but once again it's hard to keep up with those things. You get to these smaller departments like in Warrick County, we're not super small, but to have somebody constantly monitoring that becomes difficult," Warrick County Detective Mike Wilder said.
Detective Wilder said they depend on the public to help monitor and report those issues. They use specially trained teams from the Evansville Police Department and from the Indiana State Police to investigate Internet crimes.

Detective Wilder said the best thing parents can do is keep open lines of communication, especially online, with their children.  

The victim's mother also has a warning for parents. She cautioned parents to not be caught off guard by a misconception.

"What surprised us both was his age. Generally when you think of sexual offenders you think of older men, you don't think of young men," she said.

Another family told 14 News that their daughter was also targeted. Both families said they've saved the conversations and will be reporting them to the Sheriff's Office. 

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