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New federal mandate could drive up price of electricity for local residents

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In a speech last week at Georgetown University, President Obama announced a new federal mandate to reduce greenhouse gases produced by electric power plants. 

Some local coal-burning plants are worried the mandate could drive up the price of electricity for their customers.

The president's proposal calls for regulators to apply the Clean Air Act to power-plant carbon dioxide emissions. which could make it very difficult for coal-burning plants to continue operations.

Obviously, President Obama's proposal would affect consumers nationwide, but areas like the Tri-State could see some of the highest energy price increases, since much of our electricity is produced through coal-burning plants.

The Dubois REC is one such energy company who is very concerned. Dubois REC GM Don Book says his company has made gradual changes to meet emissions standards over the years, but that this new proposal might increase the cost of doing business so much, jobs may be lost and industry may move away.

"It could create some job loss. There's no doubt that's a possibility, especially if you have other parts of the country or the world who don't have similar regulations. Those industries could move overseas to some other country," Book said.

Book also added he is especially concerned for those consumers who are already struggling to afford electricity as it is. 

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