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Roll up your sleeve and donate blood


You're invited to help save lives and celebrate our country's independence at the Western Kentucky Regional Blood Center in Owensboro.

The staff has a busy day planned for tomorrow when the annual July 4th Celebration takes place.

Here's how everything works once the doors open at 8:30 Wednesday morning.

After a successful donation, you'll get an American Blood Donor t-shirt.

If you complete the process after 10 a.m., you'll also get a whole barbeque chicken while they last.

Organizers say that the Fourth of July is typically a time when there's a need for blood due to travel and the shortened work week.

That means that the Center loses a day of donations during one of its most critical times.

This drive allows the staff to celebrate with its donors, prepare for the holiday weekend, and ensure that the blood supply is strong.

Anyone who's at least 17 years old, weighs a minimum of 110 pounds, and is in good general health can donate.

Right now, organizers say they're in need of all blood types, with an emphasis on O-Negative and O-Positive.

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