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Sen. Rand Paul makes stops in Western Kentucky


Senators Rand Paul and Mitch McConnell were both in Henderson on Monday morning for separate events before making other stops in Western Kentucky.  

After his stop in Henderson, Senator Rand Paul made his way to Owensboro. 14 News caught up with Paul and he spoke of his thoughts on Kentucky Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes' announcement to run for senate.

When 14 News asked the senator about it, he smiled and said, "She's going to have an uphill battle."  That's all he said about it.

In fact, that was the only time it was mentioned during his visit to Owensboro on Monday night. The senator started out in Henderson before heading to the town fall forum in Owensboro.  

The group mainly consisted of members of the local Tea Party. Senator Paul credits the Tea Party for helping him get elected to the Senate. He says he knows he's probably their loudest voice in Washington, and that's why when he's back home in Kentucky, he wants to take time to listen and respond to their concerns.

"You know a lot of the discussion here was on the immigration bill and I didn't get any sentiment here in favor of the immigration bill. Everybody thinks the border needs to be secured and it's kind of the opinion I've heard really across Kentucky. Our phone calls and emails were 80% in favor of let's try to secure the border first," Senator Paul said.

14 News asked the senator what is the one issue he thinks all Americans should be concerned about. We'll have that coming up tonight on 14 News at 10.

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