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Investigation continues into human remains found in Hopkins Co.


The investigation continues to identify human remains found over the weekend in Hopkins County.

Officials with the Hopkins County Sheriff's Office, coroner, and cadaver dog teams were on scene to continue searching the area for more remains.

Personnel arrived shortly before noon on Monday, and dove into a full fledged search for more remains along a stretch of stream which homeowners say extends for miles. The search began shortly after officials with the coroner confirmed that bones found this past weekend, were indeed human remains.

Cadaver dogs were brought in to aid in searching for any minute piece of tissue or bone, and officials say they may have been aided by the nagging rain in Madisonville Monday afternoon.

"But the rain actually may enhance the smell. A lot of times if you have something that's died, it's going to dry out like bone. But with the water it's going to kind of help that smell be a little stronger. So it could possibly help the dogs some," said Chris Brown, the Assistant Chief of Four Rivers K-9 Search.

Authorities are investigating recent missing person's cases around the area including 42-year-old, Bo Hale, who went missing in December of 2010 on the same road where these remains have been uncovered.

"Well, I mean we had talked about two weeks ago about re-opening this investigation, revisiting it, and making sure no new leads had developed nothing like that. Ironically, this happened," Hopkins County Sheriff Detective Scott Troutman said.

Hopkins County Deputy Coroner Wayne Burton says this is a case which will take time to finalize.

"It just depends with good dental records. Sometimes you can do it within a matter of a few days. If we have to do DNA, that will be several weeks," Burton said.

14 News will continue to keep you updated on this developing story of human remains found in Hopkins County.  

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