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Restaurant Report: Local eatery struggles with proper sanitization

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The latest food inspection reports from the Vanderburgh Co. Health Department feature critical violations by several local restaurants, including one eatery that was cited with 5 critical violations involving sanitation issues.

Restaurants with violations:

Bokeh Lounge, 1007 Parrett St.

1 non-critical violation – restroom door lacks self closure

Burdette Pool, 5301 Nurrenbern Road

1 critical violation – lacking hot water; temperature measured at 77 degrees Fahrenheit, awaiting part for water heater... also lacking grease trap maintenance log

Burger King, 101 Cross Pointe Blvd.

1 non-critical violation – two heat lamps out over french fries

Way Back Burgers, 115 N Cross Pointe Blvd.

1 non-critical violation – underside of mixers soiled

China Garden, 501 N Main St.

5 non-critical violations – wiping cloths improperly stored, food stored improperly on floor, soap not provided at hand sink, disposable towels not provided at hand sink, improper storage of in-use utensils

5 critical violations – food contact surfaces of equipment do not meet requirements, sanitizer concentration below required level, food stored improperly to prevent cross-contamination, utensils and food contact surfaces not being sanitized, dish washing sink not being used properly

Chopstick House, 5412 Indiana St.

1 non-critical violation – wipe cloths not stored in sanitizer when not in use

1 critical violation – no sanitizing containers for storing wipe cloths

Horstketter's Tavern, 5809 Stringtown Road

1 non-critical violation – kitchen in need of cleaning

Mary & Martha's LLC, 617 Bellemeade Ave.

1 non-critical violation – sanitizer kit not being used to monitor dish machine sanitizer concentration

1 critical violation – chemical dish machine not sanitizing

Ma T 888 China Bistro, 5636 Vogel Road

1 non-critical violation – no disposable towels at hand sink in rear kitchen area

2 critical violations – no wiping cloth storage containers, some items in walk-in not marked with expiration dates

Schnuck's, 4500 W Lloyd Expressway

2 non-critical violations – a couple of thermometers lacking for deli cabinet table reach-ins, freezer ice cream walk-in has ice accumulation on ceiling and floor

Zoup, 4660 First Ave.

1 non-critical violation – cutting board on front line needs repaired/replaced

Restaurants with no violations:

Anthony's Heavenly Cheesecake, 204 Main St.

Biaggi's, 6401 Lloyd Expressway

Bonefish Grill, 6401 E Lloyd Expressway

Culver's, 1734 Hirschland

Frosty Mountain Ice, 1315 W Columbia St.

Gethsemane Church, 1001 N Main St.

Hot Head Burrito, 5625 Pearl Drive

Krispy Kreme, 727 N Burkhardt Road

Mexellent Grill, 1001 N Main St. (coming soon)

O'Charley's, 5125 Pearl Drive

Pierogi Project, 1101 Harmony Way

Shell Convenience, 101 Cross Pointe Blvd.

Starbucks, 4650 First Ave.

St. John's Soup Kitchen/CAPE Head Start program, 617 Bellemeade Ave.

Sunset Market, 507 E Powell Ave.

Tri-State Athletic Club, 555 Tennis Lane

Wal-Mart Neighborhood Market, 3430 Taylor Ave.

Xpress Pantry, 1015 N Main St. (coming soon)

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