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Coroner confirms skeletal remains found in Madisonville are human


On Monday morning Hopkins County deputy coroner Wayne Burton confirmed bones found in Madisonville are human.

14 News was told they were found by a property owner in the county, just east of Madisonville.

Hopkins County officials say skeletal remains washed ashore on Saturday morning. A local property owner found them and called police.

"He was just out on his property and of course, we had all the rain last week and he was following a stream that actually cuts through his yard and it caught his attention," says Hopkins County Sheriff Frank Latham.

Hopkins County Deputy Coroner, Wayne Burton, arrived at the scene around noon and says he was notified by the Sheriff's department that they had found skeletal remains, possibly human, and that's when he went out on the site with them.

Burton says the recovery and the investigation was tedious.

"We tried to locate as much as we could and mark their location, and then later in the afternoon, early evening, we recovered those skeletal remains," says Burton.

 Burton says an examination like this one could take days, or even weeks to complete.

Cadaver dogs will be on the scene, today, to aid in the investigation.

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