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Paranormal activity being searched for in Evansville's oldest house

Paranormal Investigators are going inside one of Evansville's oldest homes for an overnight investigation.

The sights and the sounds belonging to the Reitz House and the spirits that are said to live inside it are what the Interstate Paranormal Investigations Team were hunting for Saturday night.

"What we're planning on doing is trying to find anything that could be going on in this house as far as spiritual activity," says Leslie Eyre. "If there's the past, people that used to live here, if they still haunt the place or if they have passed on, the people that have been here, the people that have died here."

The Reitz Home originally belonged to John Reitz and his family. He lived here with his wife and eight of his ten children from the time the house was built in 1871 until he died in 1891.

"There have been generations of people that have lived here, but tonight will be an attempt to record it and document it," says Matt Rowe.

The team has set up cameras, microphones, and various other pieces of equipment all over the house. They will be monitoring it all from their central control center inside the house.

"Our DVR system will record all night and we always have people set up in our base camp to review at all times while everyone is investigating if we see something on a camera that kind of catches our eye," says Bruce Collins. "We will use out walkie talkies and we will actually go investigate and see what might potentially be going on."

The activity went underway Saturday night and the findings will be revealed to the general public as soon as the investigators make them available.

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