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Residents along 261 construction say 'enough is enough'

Some Warrick County residents say road construction has taken over their property, leaving them with a mess.

Two billboards sit along State Road 261. They use strong language to tell the construction company and the state highway department that enough is enough.

"Every time it rains, it just floods to the top, and it's a mosquito cess pool to me is what it is," says Jeff Clark, who lives on 261.

Clark says when the road work began last summer, construction crews told him he'd have a small ditch. But the ditch he's dealing with now is a little bit bigger. He says the new ditch is his responsibility, but it's full of rocks, trash, and deep roots.

"I never had standing water in my ditch when it was just a three foot ditch. Now since they put it, like I said, the water you see has been there since they started," Clark says.

Clark say's it only a matter of time before a distracted driver ends up at the bottom of his ditch. 

"I mean if you look at the gravel beside it that they put in for the shoulder, you see ruts this deep. It's just dragging them into my driveway as soon as they hit that rock," Clark tells 14 News.

So his neighbor made signs. The signs claim Ragel, the company contracted by the Indiana Department of Transportation to complete the project, has completed the work in a less than satisfactory manner.

An old maple tree, planted by his grandfather decades ago, stood in the area. He says the tree that provided shade, now just another casualty of construction.

"This guy here is pitching a fit. He's cussing the workers when they drive by and pulling in," Clark says.

He says some of his neighbors have similar problems, but they've found a solution. One that he thinks he is also entitled to. 

"There's a reserve box they can put in, and run a pipe from this pipe, and that pipe to it and they could back fill it with dirt. I could have my flat yard back," Clark says.

Officials with INDOT could not be reached for comment on Friday night. The roads are expected to reopen in November and the project should be finished in April.

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