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14 News goes behind the scenes of Golf Channel's tournament coverage

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14 News cameras aren't the only ones at the United Leasing Championship. The Golf Channel is back for a second straight year for coverage of the Web.com Tour. 

The Golf Channel's main focus is showcasing the golf going on at Victoria National, but they also spend time showing viewers a little bit of our Evansville area, too.

"On Wednesday, we went down to Bosse Field. We shot a little bit of the minor league baseball stadium, and Downtown Evansville to show you know how quaint the city is," Golf Channel producer Ray Jacobs says. 

We may know Evansville, but chances are most of the millions of people watching the Golf Channel haven't even heard of it.

That's why Jacobs says they bring some local flavor to their show.

"A lot of time we do little bumpers coming back from break with shots from downtown just to say, 'This is what Evansville looks like, and here's where we are,'" Jacobs says.

Where they really are though is hidden back in Victoria National with cameras, trucks, and dozens of employees ready to cover four days of golf.

"Everyone shows up probably three or four days before air and the trucks roll in about a week before air," Jacobs tells 14 News.

"Lot of hours, lot of cable. We have 14 cameras here this week," says Peter Esposito.

Esposito is the director. Which means he's in charge of making sure all those camera shots, translate into a picture-perfect two-hour show each day.

"It can get crazy. We try to keep it as calm as possible," Esposito says.

Preparation is key. On-air announcers and reporters meet up to go over their game plan.

"There's a format for every show just like you would do for a newscast," Esposito says.

Other crew members spread out around the course. A course, which the Golf Channel pros give high ratings.

"It's excellent. I mean I would say definitely one of the top courses that we televise here on the Web.com Tour, the events we do," Esposito says.

"We criss-cross the country a lot. Victoria National is, we keep saying, it's the gem that no one knows about," Jacobs says.

Soon, local tourney organizers and city leaders hope it will be a gem that's much more well known, thanks to the United Leasing Championship and the Golf Channel.

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