Busy, but GOOD busy

Days like today, I can handle.  I've been busy just about all day; all in all, I covered five different stories.  (Though, to be fair, two of them I worked on yesterday as well, so that made things easier!)  But there were no really crazy moments.  No rushing to live shots, no editing down to the very, VERY last second.  I'll take it!  Busy is good.  Frantic busy is not!

As reporters, we never know what we'll be up to when we walk in to work.  At least, not usually.  Today, I started things off in front of the Old Courthouse, shooting a story about an American flag that was returned to its perch high above the city after some repairs were made.  When that wrapped up, I went inside in hopes of finding a County Commissioner (they all went inside to check on renovations in there) and to maybe get some more video.  Commissioners weren't there anymore, but I did meet a very nice man nicknamed Otis who helps run the building.  He gave me a little tour of some of the rooms that have been renovated and even a little book explaining the history of the building.  Pretty cool!

Next up, I made my way to a church on SE 3rd Street (well, after getting lost and not being able to find it for a while) to shoot some video.  They'd had a copper downspout stolen recently.  People will do anything for cash, won't they?!  Not surprisingly, no one at the church wanted to comment on camera  (I wouldn't have wanted to if I was them), but the two women I talked to were very nice.  And that goes a long way!

After that, it was over to the Ford Center to get some video of dozens of musical instruments that were donated in exchange for free Barry Manilow concert tickets.  I decided to make everyone work a little bit harder and move them out of a corner so they'd look nicer on tv.  Did a couple of interviews there and then headed back to the station.  Well, honestly, first I went through the McDonald's drive-thru, which was PACKED!!!


I did some work, then headed to Central Library for one more interview (which, sadly, I think was cut from the show because of timing.)  After that, it was time to write and edit for a few hours!

If only every day went this smoothly.  Ahhhh, a girl can dream, right??

Until next time,