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Ridding the Ellis Park Race Track of Rocks

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The condition of the race track at Ellis Park has been a recent concern for many of the jockeys and owners.  Rocks have been an issue there.  However, officials tell us that they can rest easy now.

The workers at the Ellis Park use a large piece of machinery called a float to clear the water from the track.  The float is mainly composed of wooden beams but it is attached to a tractor by pieces of iron.  It is essential to prevent puddles of water from forming on the track but it is not capable of removing rocks from it.  The workers have to collect the rocks by hand.

Glenn Thompson, the track superintendent, says that he has been walking around the track with a bucket at his side for more than a week, removing rocks.  He says that in the sixty years he has been working at Ellis Park, he has never seen this many rocks on the course.

"Where we got the sand at, it had a lot of rocks in it and it wasn't sifted but it was supposed to be sifted," said Thompson.

Thompson says the track will be ready for the start of the racing season on July 4.

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