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Evansville business: You may put your crosses here

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An Evansville business is offering its property for cross display that's set to be shown along the downtown Riverfront.

The sign at Conner Commercial Locks on Virginia Street reads, "You may put crosses here."

Owner, Ric Conner, says the offer isn't about religion for him, but about freedoms, he says people in this country should have.

The Cross the River display has sparked some controversy and a lawsuit by the ACLU and two Evansville residents.

Conner says he believes the crosses should be shown.

"My reaction in placing those letters on the sign is, I'm a little more powerful than the City of Evansville in this circumstance because you can't tell me what to do," says Conner. "So you can bring your crosses here and even though I'm not a religious man, nor an educated man, I believe in your right to do."

The lawsuit claims the cross display violates the First Amendment's Establishment Cause, which protects against a government endorsing a religion.

A lawyer for West Side Christian Church says the display does not violate the constitution and the City of Evansville does not comment on pending litigation.

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