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Dubois County begin cleanup after night of severe weather

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People in Dubois County are cleaning up and rebuilding in some areas following Wednesday night's severe thunderstorm. 

Most of the damage consists of downed trees and roofing issues. But by far, the most impressive damage from the storm is at the Wehr farm on County Road 750-W.

Residents there and at several other homes between Ireland and Otwell have been working to remove large, uprooted trees, repair roofs, and replace windows. EMA Director Tammy Miller surveyed the scene Wednesday night and Thursday morning, and she says it's too early to tell if the storm produced a tornado or not.

"We don't have the answer to that," says Miller. "We can tell you that there was some rotation detected in the radar, prior to the calls coming to our office with the damage. But we don't have any official word that it was a tornado. We know it was some really strong winds. And we're going to send all of our information to the National Weather Service and they can make that determination."

Wehr says he doesn't know exactly how long it will take to clean up and rebuild at his farm but he says he's gotten a lot of support from neighbors in the area, which should speed up the process.

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