Winner of St. Mary's Health Recipe Contest announced

St. Mary's Market Days officially started Thursday morning, and this year there is a special emphasis on health.

Mayor Lloyd Winnecke kicked off the festivities at 8:30 a.m.

"We Are Evansville" T-shirts were everywhere.

That's because June is "We Are Evansville" month and the city teamed up with St. Mary's to promote health this year.

You may remember St. Mary's announced a "Healthy Recipe Contest" a couple weeks ago.

The mayor himself selected the winning recipe from four finalists.

The winner? Turkey Vegetable Soup.

St. Mary's dieticians selected the finalists.

There criteria included: Nothing fried, limited saturated fat, at least two food groups, and limited pre-packaged foods.

However, as one of the dieticians tells us some recipes show that people still need to learn more about eating healthy.

"Hash browns and then there was another one with quite a bit of cheese. A good swap out for that would have been either 2 percent cheese or just limited quantity," says Lacy Wilson a dietician at St. Mary's.

You will be able to view all the finalist's recipes on the city's website.

Market Days will be every Thursday from now until September 12, expect for July 4th.

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