Skate park designs revealed to the public

Cascading steps and railings are a skateboarders concrete paradise. You can imagine the disappointment when what you love to do is off limits.

"Right now I skate on the streets, empty parking lots, where ever I can. I hope I don't get kicked out," said Skyler Bratcher, an Owensboro Skateboarder.

Bratcher won't have to look over his shoulder much longer now that the city of Owensboro is building a skate park. City leaders met tonight to present two potential skate park designs based on input from the community.

"Concept one is much more of a loop, path type of design. It's very long. It allows for very long runs where you can at each curve turn and go a different way," said Hays Hitzing with Spohn Ranch Skatepark.

The second design is more compact with walls and curves everywhere. Spohn Ranch Skatepark will take skaters input on both designs and the community will take a vote on the designs at a future meeting.

Construction on the skate park will happen in the fall and will be finished by the end of the year.

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