Hanging out at Victoria

I must admit, it's pretty nice starting the work week on a Wednesday.  It's especially nice when you start your work week on a Wednesday AND spend it at Victoria National!  The 2nd Annual United Leasing Championship starts tomorrow, but there's already a heck of a lot of activity going on out there.  I don't think I'd really care much about what I was doing out there, as long as I was there.  It's just gorgeous.  No other way to put it!!

I lucked out today and met some very nice people who helped me out with my story.  One of the volunteers even gave me a golf cart ride around the front nine!  (And, might I add, he had quite the lead foot!)  The breeze today, which was even greater as we were cruising around at probably 20mph, was delightful.  For the sake of the volunteers and spectators (and, I guess the players:) ) I hope it sticks around!  And if we could escape the triple digits, that would be nice, too!

All in all, they have about 400 volunteers helping out with the tournament this week.  They're doing just about everything you can think of—driving people around in carts, delivering lunches, keeping score, they've helped set things up, etc.  Apparently the heavy lifting of ice was one of the more difficult tasks.  I'll have a story featuring a couple of those volunteers tomorrow!

Anyway, I'm going to try to get back in the swing of things with this blog—so look for another update tomorrow!

Until next time,