2 Hopkins Co. teenagers steal 30 iPads from elementary school

Some of the iPads that have been recovered. (Photo Credit: Jess Raatz)
Some of the iPads that have been recovered. (Photo Credit: Jess Raatz)

Two teenagers in Hopkins Co. are being charged with burglary for breaking into Earlington Elementary School and stealing 30 iPads last weekend.

On June 24, Sheriff Frank Latham responded to a complaint of a burglary that occurred at approximately 9 p.m. on June 22.

During the burglary, 30 iPads valued at $500 each were stolen, as well as various other items, and an iPad charging cart was damaged.

On June 26, Deputy Lydon Logan and Deputy Rebecca Bleidt received information that led them to a residence in Earlington where they located one of the teenagers responsible for the burglary who was in possession of 27 of the missing iPads, the charging cords, and other items that were stolen from the school.

The subject was taken into custody, where he admitted to the burglary.

During questioning, it was revealed that a second person was involved in the burglary.

After locating the second subject in Earlington, he also admitted to the burglary during questioning.

Both subjects have been charged with third-degree burglary.

29 of the 30 iPads have been recovered, which is valued at a recovery of $14,500.

The investigation is still ongoing in locating the last iPad.

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