Big wiener world champ to chomp for a cause

World Champion Dale Boone is known around the world for his many records he holds.

He is from Atlanta Georgia.

He is the 9th descendant Grandson of Kentucky's own Daniel Boone.

He has stared in a made for TV movie GutBusters In Alaska.

He has been seen on the Jay Leno Show, The Weakest Link, National Geographic, CNN, ESPN and other Discovery Channel programs.

Boone will be competing in the Big Wiener Eating Contest at Mo's Mustang Market located at 14 State Route 2835 Morganfield Kentucky on Saturday, June 29th at 2:00pm.

This will be a must see event and a chance to meet the World Champion.

Come on out to support the World Champion and the cause this event represents.

The first cause is for Drew Gatten.

Drew Walking Tall is a foundation to raise money for travel and surgeries to help Drew to stand and walk.

The second cause is for Marshall Tull. Marshall needs a Kidney transplant.

Money is being raised to help him pay for the surgery.

The third cause is for the American Red Cross.

All 100% of the money raised for each cause will be given for that cause. WLOCE and World Champion Dale Boone are proud to be a part of helping out for the causes.

If you would like more information about this event you can contact Mo Todd at 270-619-4219 and if you would like an interview with the World Champion Dale Boone please call 404-748-0885 or email

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