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Interesting water rescue takes place after Monday's flooding

During the heavy rains on Monday, Evansville police responded to more than a dozen water rescues. 

But even after the water receded, one woman was on a water rescue of her own.

Streets were flooded in the Brookside Estate neighborhood, were full of swimming children and even a kayaker. But it was a fish that hung around a little to long, that needed some extra help. 

The street sweeper was making it's rounds Tuesday morning throughout the neighborhood when Jamie Weber got a call. She says when the flood waters receded a fish wanted to stick around.

Jamie say's she been rescuing animals for a long time, but never thought she'd find what she called "a fish in distress."

"This was a first for me, for a fish. I've gotten turtles, and possums and other things, but never a fish. So I got a call and went down on Brookshire. There was a puddle, just a small puddle left in the road and that's where the fish was. The fin was outside the water already because it was starting to dissipate. We just got a bucket and took about 10 minutes and finally caught it and released it in the lake," Jamie says.

Don't pack up your floaties just yet, there's another chance for severe weather on Wednesday.

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