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Local doctor home after working in overseas hospital with wounded soldiers

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Photo Courtesy: Dennis Beck Photo Courtesy: Dennis Beck

A local doctor is just back from Germany where he worked at a hospital that's a half way point for wounded soldiers coming home. 

14 News caught up with Dr. Dennis Beck Tuesday morning at the Orthopaedic Associates office downtown. He calls the experience "very humbling."

Dr. Beck just came back from Landstuhl Regional Medical Center. He tells 14 News that he was overwhelmed by the amount of soldiers still coming in with injuries. He says on average there would be about one or two severely injured men flown in from Afghanistan, Jordan and other North African countries.

"Members of the military that have lost limbs, multiple limbs. These are two, three limb amputees in their mid 20s," Dr. Beck says.

He says he learned priceless lessons from seeing those traumatic muscle and bone injuries. Experience that he can apply to car and ATV wreck injuries in the Tri-State, which can be similar.

"The last couple of days we've been back up and running, I've used some of those techniques and done that a few times. It's helped. You know really more of the experience of watching their sense of time, their gut feeling about things," Dr. Beck says.

In total, Dr. Beck was at the Landstuhl Hospital for two weeks.

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