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Madisonville cleaning up after Monday's major flash flooding


It's the day after some of the worst flash flooding Madisonville has seen in years.

The scene is quite different on Stagecoach Road and Wexford Way on Tuesday. Located at the bottom of a hill, homes in the 600 block of Stagecoach Road became quite water logged during the flash flooding on Monday.

On Tuesday, homeowners saved what they could, tossed what was ruined, and assessed the damage to their property.  

It was a full family effort for the Carver family, who tell 14 News that the several feet of water in their garage luckily didn't get into their home. But they spent Tuesday, tossing out family pictures, toys, and other mementos.

"Because usually in the backyard it floods just a little bit, but when they were like, 'No, Maddy, it's flooding bad. It's like a river in the backyard,'" Maddy Carver says.

Although residents hope this doesn't happen again, flooding on Stagecoach Road seems to be an ongoing problem.

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