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Posey Co. cleaning up its voter registration list

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The election board is in the process of correcting mistakes on its voter registration list. To help streamline the process going forward, they're looking to electronics. 

More than 5,000 letters have been sent out to residents here in Posey County, as the election board tries to clean up its voter registration list.

Cleaning up the voter registration list is a challenging process. Many people are registered under multiple names or addresses, while others have moved or passed away.

David Whitten, the election board chair, says about 27,000 people live in the county, and over 19,000 are registered to vote here.

Whitten says that number was a red flag for federal authorities, who've given them two years to clean up the list. Now they're considering the use of electronic poll books, or eBooks, to help streamline the election process. 

"When you come in and you show us your photo ID, and if it is a driver's license or any other acceptable form of ID that has a barcode on the back of it, that barcode will be scanned electronically. That feeds information directly into the E Poll Book. So by the time you get to the clerk, the clerk has already pulled up your information," Whitten says.

Whitten says the eBooks can actually save the taxpayers money.

They'll use one on a trial basis at the county-wide election next year. Whitten says not only will it streamline the process, it can save taxpayers up to $30,000. 

"It will eliminate some of the people who are there are polling places. It's not common sense to have five people working in a polling place that maybe that whole day will only see less than a hundred voters come through," Whitten says.

They'll meet with another company in just a few weeks to compare pricing, and then the election board will give county officials a recommendation some time in September.

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