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WWII veterans from across U.S. have LST reunion

A reunion took place Tuesday morning in Evansville that's been more than 40 years in the making.

A group of Vietnam veterans from across the country came together to tour the LST 325.

These veterans were never on the LST 325, but they were on two very similar LST's. The 824 and the 836, which have both since been decommissioned. 

But that didn't matter to these guys. The memories flooded back just the same. 

Jack Murphy hasn't been on an LST in 44 years. 

"I hear this boom, boom, I thought I was dreaming, right," Jack recalls.

The first thing he recalls is a night in Vietnam when he was shot at. 

"The tracer bullets and rockets, phew. I didn't have time to stick around," Jack says. 

Listening to these guys relive the days, you learn tidbits you could only hear from them. Things like a certain hatch would constantly flood. 

They also told 14 News about a stormy night aboard the 824, where an ammunition room held several 500 pound bombs and they had to make sure they didn't hit together. 

For George Murphy, Jack's brother, it's also a reunion of long lost friends.

"It became a big family. There was only 124 of us on there. Everyone was just like everybody's brother," George says.

Although some habits are just too hard to break. 

"Captain is the best man I've ever seen. He wants me to call him Bill now, but I told him I can't do it. He'll always be Captain as far as I'm concerned," George says.

The 325 is the only still active LST that looks like a Navy ship left in the U.S.

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