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New vehicles for Daviess Co. deputies to help in rural areas

When you think Crown Vic, chances are you think of a police car. But the Daviess County Sheriff's Office is breaking from the mold.

Let's be honest. Even the most obedient drivers get a little nervous checking the ol' speedometer if they see a Crown Victoria coming.

That's because the Crown Vic was the car of choice for law enforcement officers, until now.

The Daviess County Sheriff's Office is having to rethink its fleet since Ford Motor Company stopped making the Crown Vics.

"Most agencies are scratching and looking to see what kind of vehicle options that are out there. Last year, we bought some dodge chargers and we look to diversify the group," says Lieutenant Barry Smith, with Daviess County Sheriff's Office.

The sheriff's office recently bought a 2013 Chevy Tahoe.  It's less recognizable as a law enforcement vehicle to most speeders.

But more importantly, it's bigger and that means that sheriff deputies who cover rural areas are able to carry more equipment and supplies. The Tahoe's also help them better handle uneven terrain.

"It just decided to make sense to go with that type of vehicle in the county rural areas with the room inside of it for the money. We are going to try a few of those," Lt. Smith says.

Depending on next year's budget, the sheriff's office says they plan to add a couple more Chevy Tahoe to their fleet.

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