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Stolen car found on fire, Henderson officers investigating

Henderson Police are investigating after a stolen car was found on fire Sunday. 

Brian Belwood, of Evansville, reported someone had entered the home of Mitchell Corpe, of Henderson, and stolen the keys to both Belwood's Chevy Envoy and Corpe's BMW 325.

Belwood says his car was then stolen, and Corpe says items were stolen from his car. Later, police found Belwood's Chevy on Green River Road and found that it had been consumed by fire.

"We usually don't see vehicle fires, unless it's a vehicle malfunction while someone is out driving. So yes, this is unusual for us to have a vehicle stolen and later caught on, you know, burned," says Jennifer Richmond of Henderson Police.

Police say they have some suspects in mind, and that the state arson investigator has confirmed the burning to be arson related.

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