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Ellis Park prepping for summer racing season

Ellis Park is gearing up for the summer racing season.

In about a weeks time, the empty parking lot at Ellis Park will be filled with eager race fans.

Right now crews are working to get the track race ready. Ellis Park brought in a Maryland company to using a specialized screening equipment to sift through rocks and debris.

Robert Jackson, the Director of Operations, says they got in two full days on the track this weekend. Monday's rain has pushed things back a bit, but they will be open on Tuesday.

Despite all the work left to be done, Jackson says they'll be open on time. 

"We've got a lot of cleaning today, washing, power washing and work like that which we've got every year. It's probably about where it should be based on the time. It's amazing how it pulls together in the last few days," Jackson says.

Ellis Park will open its 90th racing season on July 4th. Nine races are slated for opening day. 

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