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Grants helping Hartford redo area sidewalks


One Western Kentucky city is getting ready to start making improvements in several areas around town.

If you live in Hartford, you might notice some big changes taking place very soon. That's because the city's preparing to redo sidewalks around town.

The projects are possible thanks to two grants.  

According to officials, the first one will focus on areas near city hall, like the corner of East Washington Street and Apple Alley. It also takes care of several sidewalks along Clay Street. 

Money from that grant also purchased six new benches and trash cans that will be placed downtown.  

The second one's called a safe routes to school grant. Those funds will focus on improvements that stretch from Union Street to Oakwood Drive, near Wayland Elementary School. Crews will be repairing, replacing, and putting in new sidewalks in that area. 

Mayor Charlotte Hendricks says these changes help Hartford make a good first impression on visitors.

"Anytime you drive through a town, you can pretty well get some sort of idea about the town by just how things look, and we try very hard to keep Hartford neat and clean," Hendricks says.

We'll keep you updated as the project moves along. 

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