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Evansville emergency crews answered 39 "cars on flooded road" calls

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On Monday, roads and streets flooded all over the Tri-State; from Madisonville to the east side of Evansville, and a lot of places in between.

The Madisonville Police Department says several roads were simply impassable.

As of 2:45pm, Evansville  Vanderburgh County Central Dispatch confirms they sent emergency crews to 39 separate calls related to drivers being impacted on flooded roads.

There were 12 water rescues, 9 calls to assists motorists who were stranded but out of harms way, and 18 hazard calls for abandoned cars blocking the roadway.

Police are again reminding motorist who left their cars on the roadways that they are responsible to have them removed when the water goes down.

The cars only need to be removed enough to allow traffic to pass through the area. As long as the car is not obstructing traffic, the owners will be given time to retrieve the car.

Also, due to continuing rainfall, EPD expects the afternoon drive home through the city to be impacted by the flooded roads.

Vanderburgh County officials say a few east side road have been closed due to high water. They say Kansas Road from Green River Road to the dead end, Hedden Road from Kansas Road to the round about, and Heerdink Road from Heckel Road to Millersburgh Road are all closed due to the high amounts of water on the roadways.

Police say crews continue to assist stranded motorists and to barricade flooded areas. Not all roads that are impassible have barricades at this time. 

Water rose up to the wheel wells of many cars in the Carriage House Apartments in Evansville. Some people told 14 News that they waded up to their waists in it.

Neighbors were worried the water would flood their ground floor apartments and wondering how they'd pay for it.

"The people that live here are either disabled or elderly and they cannot be taking care of this kind of mess. They cannot afford this kind of thing and I got to say that this is terrible," resident Michael Taylor said.

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