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Owensboro residents invited to take special survey

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In Owensboro, neighbors have a unique opportunity in helping to decide which projects they'd like to see take shape in the community and surrounding area.

City and county officials come together to create the Greater Owensboro Community Priorities List every other year.

Its main goal is to identify and prioritize capital projects for the region.

This year, officials say they want to give business owners and community members the chance to give their input.

Projects on the list should point out a clear community need, as well as provide major benefits to everyone.

Chamber of Commerce leaders say this process helps send a message to officials in Frankfort and Washington .

It shows that the community is united in its goals and aspirations, which also helps to secure funding for future plans and projects.

Items on the list should promote economic development or tourism, provide educational advancement opportunities, improve transportation, or serve another public need in the region.

Starting next month, three open forum sessions will be held to go over the results of the survey.

We'll keep you posted on those.

The survey is available until July 5th.

If you'd like to take it, click here. 

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