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Illinois county experience worst flooding in decades

Officials and residents are saying it's the worse flooding they've seen in decades. Roads and several homes all under water in Clay County, Illinois.

Guye Durre, the Assistant Chief of Police in Flora, Illinois, says there was a lot of rain in a very short amount of time on Sunday afternoon. Some areas received upwards of five, six, and even seven inches of rain.

Clay County resident Carrie Knake and her boyfriend ventured out into the storm and ended up having quite an adventure.

"When we were passing a car, it was actually bobbing up and down because there was so much water on the road," says Knake.

She tells us that she didn't know just how much of the county was flooded, until they started to drive around even more.

"As we were driving on Old-50, heading towards Flora, we noticed standing water all throughout the whole town," says Knake.

There was flash flooding all over the county. In fact, emergency management officials report several homes were underwater as were many roads. Some people, we're told, even had to be rescued for their vehicles that became stranded in the floodwater.

That quickly became a fear for Carrie during their drive around the county.

"I was scared, because it was like almost to the bottom of the truck," says Carrie.

Assistant Chief of Police Guye Durre says the city opened a high school for a shelter just in case it was needed. He also tells 14 News, despite all the water, no major damage has been reported.

The rain finally stopped, but the talk of the great flood won't stop anytime soon in Clay County. Carrie says her boyfriend told her, this is the worst flooding he's seen there in 48 years.

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